JEA Steel Industries, Inc.


Light Steel Frames or Metal Frames Manufacturer & Supplier

We Manufacture & Supply Light Metal Framings or Metal Frames such as double furring, wall angle, Carrying Channel, Shadowline Wall Angle, Metal studs and Metal Tracks, C-Purlins, Hat type Purlins, Batten Type, Corner Beads, Steel Doors, and Metal Door Jambs.

We also manufacture custom lengths and sizes. 


JEA Maxx Light Steel Frames / Metal Frames offers double furring, single furring, carrying channel, wall angle, metal studs, metal tracks, batten type, and Shadowline wall angle

JEA SPAN C-Purlins is designed to last long than any other C-Purlins in the market.

JEASPAN 45 is a light gauge, high tensile purlin developed for residential & commercial projects

CMT T-Runners revolutionizes locally manufactured ceiling grid to its finest. Made from hot dipped galvanized steel. 

JHAMBA Steel Door Frames is made to last for years and it is also compatible with typical wood doors and pvc doors.

JASTIN Steel Door with Steel Jamb Frame offers to give the best steel door to your homes and businesses

JAMECA Aluminum Ceiling is for Interior ceiling applications for convention centers, hospitals, airports, and supermarkets

  • Premium grade gypsum powder for fine finish.
  • Guide setting for fast application.
  • Easy to use, just add water.
  • Non-cracking.
  • Color: white
  • minimizes use of paint