JEA Steel Industries, Inc.

Galvanized Door Jamb Frame


Metal Door Jamb Frame Only

Width Available: 600mm , 700mm , 800mm , 900mm , and 1000mm

Height: 2100mm

Thickness: 0.90mm

Profile Available:

  • Single Rabbet 3inch
  • Single Rabbet 4inch
  • Double Rabbet 5inch
  • Double Rabbet 6inch
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Single Rabbet 3 inch, Single Rabbet 4 inch, Double Rabbet 5 inch, Double Rabbet 6 inch

Width and Height

600mm x 2100mm, 700mm x 2100mm, 800mm x 2100mm, 900mm x 2100mm, 1000mm x 2100mm

Swing Orientation

Left Swing Inward, Right Swing Inward